Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Relaunching the Blog!!!

Hi Friends!

After taking time off to begin a new daily podcast: LeaderTribe: Your Daily Dose of Growth, I'm now going to re-launch the weekly blog. But I owe you an apology first! I didn't give any warning that I stopped sending the weekly blog to launch the podcast. That wasn't good leadership and I failed you in that area. I was wrong. Please forgive me and allow me to make it up to you. Please watch the short video! 


If you are new to LeaderTribe as a result of the podcast, you will find my blogs are also “relevant, researched and ready for action.” In the upper right of the page you’ll notice a magnifying glass icon. Click on that and type the word “question” and hit enter. You’ll instantly see the quality and kinds of articles I write and the videos that I record.AND NOW, PLEASE ACCEPT A GIFT FROM ME... As you heard on the video, I've created a MASSIVE VALUE download for you, and it's all FREE. This bonus pack includes: 

  • A 10-page executive book summary of 4 different books: 
    The Advantage
    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
    ◦ Developing the Leader Within You
    ◦ The Speed of Trust

  • My 6 Questions to Focus Your Team Members (remember, Question 5 is the Champion Question)

  • Finally, the Harvard Business Review articleWhat Sets Successful CEO’s Apart. 

OK, I can’t help myself! 

You’ll soon see that I love to add-value and over-deliver. 

So I’m also including a BONUS for your Bonus Pack. I’m giving you an executive summary of my favorite leadership book of all time, it's Kouzes and Posner's classic The Truth About Leadership! Let's grow our friendship!

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